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CCNA Capris At The Glen 2012

Photos: Richard Booth and Larry Wells

First and foremost would like to congratulate and thank Don Murphy for a well-planned and run event. It's daunting to launch a new event, and this was no different. Don's wife, Jeanne, worked overtime making sure everybody was comfortable, had food, and something to drink. The Murphys put together wine and sunblock goodies for Capri drivers in the concours. They brought down a grille, lots and lots of food, cooked, and served and put on an all-day party! THANKS, Don and Jeanne! Above and beyond!

Don even tossed Norm the keys to his sweet red 73 V6, so he could bomb around the Glen racetrack with his wife and youngest son, doing some "Thunder Road" laps. Now that's a leap of faith! The mirrors were full of Larry Wells' and Mike Rahamut's beautiful Capris too. The Capris led the pack, natch!

Second, HUGE thanks to Ira and Ross for bringing out their racing Capris. Immaculately prepared, and well-driven, both.

Ira's 2.0L TransAm Under 2.5L Class Tribute Capri was doing exceptionally well all weekend in the SVRA Group 8 BS Class after a minor Friday re-wire job on a bad tach which had been killing MSD boxes when shorting. Ira was able to get a 2:24.5 lap time, near his best time ever at The Glen. During the race Sunday an old tire repair failed, unspectacularly thank goodness. Just a premature end to his run, no associated damage to fix.

Ross's 3.0L Weslake Essex V6 IMSA Capri was hooked up well all weekend, getting down to a 2:16 lap time in the SVRA Group 8 RS Class race on Sunday. The huge heavy V6 motor makes plenty of "go", but it's a bunch of weight up in the nose without power steering too and you literally heave it in and out of corners. Sadly, Ross announced that the Glen is probably the last racing event for the Capri. It's very expensive to run and maintain compared to his other Euro Ford racers, and much rarer if anything major breaks. He tagged a Porsche 914 that bounced off the Armco and back onto the track during the qualifying race Saturday. But true to form, Ross didn't slow down, just went on and finished the race and raced again on Sunday as noted. The damage is already being repaired at his shop, using a German Werkes factory-moulded Team Blitz fender (which owns the original Ford molds today).

Please let me also point out the quick contributions of CCNA-ers Bill Davidson and Jim Brozynski in helping Ross gaffer tape the nose of the Capri so it could race on Sunday. Ross was very appreciative of the instant crew, guys.

Third, MEGA thanks to all the Capri owners who brought their rides out for the show. There were some really special people and cars in attendance.

Mike Rahamut won Best Modified with his Yellow 1974 2.8L, just days fresh from the paint booth! What an effort to reassemble and get the car to the Glen. Mike has been evolving his Capri for many years from back when it was a "normal" stock rootbeer-brown Capri to its high state of tune today.

Jeff Mathyssen won Best Restored with his Light Blue 1974 2.8L. Few people have ever brought back a Capri from the brink like Jeff. His car needed a whole roof, whole floor pan, and a bunch of other serious metal work to nearly every panel on the car. And you just can't tell, really incredible.

Bill Daws Sr. won Best Survivor with his 1976 2.3L Yellow Mk2. Bill and his son, also Bill, worked on this puppy from the time it was dropped off in their driveway right up to the show. It runs great, only has a re-paint and a few minor changes from its born date. It's like the one Bill had "back when"!

Don Murphy's Capri was unanimously voted Best Daily Driver, a new CCNA class, despite not being in the concours. With all the votes for Don, and no one else, it made the selection both easy and popular. Don drives his Capri whenever he can, and in pretty much all conditions. Superb choice.

Also there, Larry Wells with the inimitable 1971 Colonel Mustard 2.0L. Bill Davidson with his spanking clean Green 1974 2.0L. Mike VandenBoom with his immaculate red/black 1972 V6. Steve Burris with his 1973 V6 wundercar. All of these cars are past CCNA trophy winners as well! An incredible field of Capris were represented at CCNA Capris At The Glen.

The Club still has T-shirts available. Link here

Thanks to Brenda Murdock, Exec Director Max, who the CCNA is about to lose through retirement, David for his CCNA web mastering, and thanks to the Capri-List for the use of its airwaves.

The event was also a tribute to the late Carroll Shelby, and there were a lot of luminaries and cars associated with him in attendance. In particular, we met with Tom Yeager, Shelby's first GT350-R test-pilot and racer-driver. He was most generous with his time and autographs for the boys, and a hoot to boot! Here's a clipping from an article written around 8 years ago:

Thanks to everyone who attended the first CCNA Capris At The Glen. You made it special with your decision to be there. Whether you brought a Capri or raced or took pics or just hung out. Thank you. It's all about you. We're planning to do it again in 2013. Hope you can join us then.

Ross Bremer's Weslake RS 3.0
Ross Bremer's Weslake RS

Pretty Capris
CCNA Capris at the Glen

Don's 1973 Mk1
Don Murphy's 1973 2600 V6

Ira Schoen's SCCA Trans-Am 2500 Challenge Capri 2.0
Ira Schoen's Trans-Am 2.0 Capri

Bill Daws' rare 2.3 Capri Mk2
Bill Daws' 2.3 Mk2

Car show
Chatting at the car show

Ross Bremer's Capri behind the pace car
Ross Bremer's Capri behind the pace car

Bill Davidson's green Mk1
Bill Davidson's green Mk1

Lineup of Capris
Glen Capri lineup

Ross Bremer's glorious Weslake V6
The glorious Weslake V6

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