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Capri Swarm 2016

Photos: David Valone and Ruth Morgan

Swarm 2016 Gallery

Capri Swarm 2016 has come and gone. It was the first Swarm not held over Labor Day weekend, but it lived up to the reputation of the Swarm as a great Capri event! We had 13 Capris present, and had many participants, lots of fun and stories with all attending Swarmers!

On Friday morning, we assembled in the parking lot of the Hampton Inn, and greeted Swarmers as they arrived. As we were chatting, Karen Caldwell arrived from Iowa with her sister, Chris. Karen got her Capri in 1972, and brought with her a book of fantastic photos of herself and the car from that time. Although her Capri is long gone, she has fond memories of it and wanted to be a part of the Swarm.

At lunchtime, we had a caravan of Capris to nearby Hebron, where we enjoyed lunch and ice cream at the Dari-Bar. In the afternoon, we enjoyed a beautiful Capri countryside cruise to the Mid-Ohio race track. The cool breeze and rolling Ohio hills made the drive one to remember.

At the track, we watched Norm Murdock, of Team Blitz, pound around the historic circuit. His Capri performed well, laying down many consistent laps in the test sessions. It was great to see the Capri on-track with a gaggle of Porsches, Corvettes, and other sporting cars. Afterwards, we had supper at a local, racing-themed restaurant. What a great day!

Saturday, we went to National Trail Raceway, where the National Mustang Racers Association (NMRA) put on a well-attended show. Ken Stock put his 1974 V6 the portable dyno. We watched some 1/4th-mile drag racing of the many classes represented. There was even a demonstration by some rocket-powered cars! Gary Richmond was present with his 1/4-mi drag racer "Dumbo" 347 stroker 1973 Capri, turning 10's in the 1/4 mile. In the afternoon, we participated in the event car show, and ejoyed seeing the many, varied Fords on display. Thanks to Norm from Team Blitz for supplying snacks, cool drinks, and a shady place to relax and enjoy the show.

The CCNA Banquet Saturday evening was a lot of fun. This year, people ordered carry-out meals and we ate together in the hotel meeting room. Afterwards, we presented awards, and the members took turns throwing out Capri-related questions to the group. Turtle Trophy winner Fred Stoye even printed up some CCNA logo stickers to give out to the attendees. Thanks Fred!

On Sunday, we chatted over breakfast, and then the Swarmers began to trickle out towards their homes. Several attendees stopped at Tom's Ice Cream Bowl in nearby Zanesville for a nice treat on a very warm day. We were thrilled with the turnout for the first year of the new Swarm date. So many great Capri owners and beautiful cars. Thanks to all attendees for helping to make the Swarm a success. Can't wait for next year!

Trophies and awards

  • Longest Distance: Rich Booth, 407 miles (one way)
  • Turtle Award: Fred Stoye, 1972 2.0L

2016 Capris in Attendance:

  • Steve Burris - Blue 1971 2000
  • Jeff Mathyssen - Blue 1974 2800 V6
  • Steve Udodow - Green 1974 2000
  • Bill and Jacob Davidson - Green 1973 302 V8
  • Rich Booth - Blue 1973 2000 (modified)
  • Don Murphy - Red 1973 2600 V6
  • Mike Vandenboom - Red 1972 2600 V6
  • Ken Stock - Black 1974 2800 V6
  • Rob Harber - Pewter 1972 302 V8
  • Chris Rolls - Yellow 1974 302 V8
  • David Valone - Blue 1973 302 V8
  • Gary Richmond - White 1973 347 V8
  • Norm Murdock - Red Mk1 2.0 race car

Friday at the Hampton
Friday at the Hampton

Cooling down with Ice Cream
Cooling down with ice cream

Group photo at Mid-Ohio
Group photo at Mid-Ohio

Blue Capris
Shades of blue

Rob and Catherine in the shade
Rob and Catherine in the shade

1971 Capri interior
1971 interior, with A/C

Chris Rolls' V8 Mk1
Chris Rolls' V8 Mk1

1974 Capri V6 on the dyno
Ken's 2800 V6 on the dyno

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