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Capri Swarm 2015

Photos: David Valone and Tom Pieper

Swarm 2015 Gallery

It's hard to believe, but Swarm 2015 is in the books. We had 16 Capris present, and many participants, both old friends and new Swarmers!

On Friday, we made use of the awning on the Team Blitz GT-140, and greeted folks as they arrived. We had a great time catching up, and seeing what improvements had been accomplished in the past year. In the evening, we enjoyed Team Blitz Customer Appreciation Night. And for sure, we appreciated the Team Blitz pizza, soda, and beer at the Hampton Swarm HQ Hotel that evening.

Saturday, we went to National Trail Raceway, where we watched a little "Grudge Match" 1/8th-mile drag racing between reigning 1/4-mile champion Bill Davidson (8.3 sec) and challenger Chris Rolls (8.5 sec). The competition was close. Gary Richmond also made the scene in his 1/4-mi drag racer "Dumbo" 347 stroker 1973 Capri, turning 10's in the 1/4 mile. In the afternoon, we had the Capri Swarm car show, and afterwards, many participants went on the Capri Countryside Cruise.

The CCNA Banquet Saturday evening was a lot of fun. Banquet speaker John Clor from Ford Performance talked about his involvement with the many varied Ford racing organizations, and how he champions owners clubs, such as the CCNA. It's great to have an advocate within Ford's corporate structure. John has just published a new book on the inside history of the Mustang, and he signed copies for us and distributed a lot of Ford Racing swag to everybody. The meal was great, and afterwards, the members took the trivia quiz and the event awards were presented. Door prizes donated by Eastwood Products, Team Blitz, and Rich O'Brien.

Trophies and awards

  • Longest Distance: Mike Rahamut, 604 miles (one way)
  • Best Restored: Kathryn Mathyssen, Blue 1974 2.0L
  • Best Survivor: Jeff Mathyssen, Yellow 1972 V6
  • Best Modified: Bill Davidson, Green 1973 V8
  • Best Daily Driver: Don Murphy, Red 1973 V6
  • Swarm Swami: Mike Rahamut, Service to others
  • Trivia Contest: Bill Davidson
  • Turtle Award: Rich O'Brien, Maroon 1973 2.0L
  • Fastest Drag ET: Bill Davidson, Green 1973 V8
  • Autocross FTD: David Valone, Blue 1973 V8
  • Expo Concours First Place: Tom Pieper, Blue 1977 V6
  • Expo Concours Second Place: Jeff Mathyssen, Yellow 1972 V6

Sunday's weather was sunny and the skies were clear, so the Swarm Autocross at Columbus Motor Speedway went as planned. Racers seemed to agree that this year's course was the most fun yet. Many thanks to the United Ford Owners Club (UFO) for putting on such a great event. Eight Capri drivers took a turn at the course. Trophies were awarded to Mike Rahamut, Rob Harber, Bill Davidson, and David Valone.

Thanks to: The United Ford Owners Club (UFO), Hampton Inn Heath, Custom Catering, National Trails, Roger Gustin (promoter), John Clor from Ford, Team Blitz, Eastwood Products, David Valone (CCNA Swarm Chairman and Webmaster), and all the Swarmers who pitched in. Special thanks to 2015 Swarm Swami Mike Rahamut, who embodies the true spirit of the Swarm!

Thank-you once again to NEW Swarmers and RETURN Swarmers, alike. People showed up with Capris. People showed up to buy Capris. People showed up to talk about their Capris in-progress back home (like Ken Stock, Rich Booth, Rand Thompson, and Jay Richert). All sorts of people, and all enjoying the action at The Swarm.

Hopefully, we can do it all again in 2016.

2015 Capris in Attendance:

  • Steve Burris - Green 1973 2600
  • Jeff Mathyssen - Yellow 1972 2600
  • Kathryn Mathyssen - Blue 1974 2000
  • Rich and Sandra O'Brien - Maroon 1973 2000
  • Steve Udodow - Green 1974 2000
  • Mike Rahamut - Yellow 1974 2800
  • Scott McVicker - White 1976 2800
  • Bill Davidson - Green 1973 302 V8
  • Tom Pieper - Blue 1976 ASC 2800
  • Don Murphy - Red 1973 2600
  • Mike Vandenboom - Red 1972 2000
  • Larry Wells - Col. Mustard 1971 2000
  • Rob Harber - Pewter 1972 302 V8
  • Chris Rolls - Yellow 1974 302 V8
  • David Valone - Blue 1973 302 V8
  • Gary Richmond - White 1973 347 V8

Friday at the Hampton
Friday at the Hampton

In the shade of the GT-140
In the shade of the GT-140

John Clor at the banquet
John Clor at the banquet

Chris and Bill: ready for action
Chris and Bill: ready for action

Saturday car show
Saturday Car Show

Chatting at the car show
Under the "Big Top"

Autocross participants
Ready to race!

Mike R's 2800 at the line
Mike R's 2800 at the line

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