Ford Capri

Capri Swarm 2014 Gallery

Photos: Bill Davidson, RC Booth, and David Valone
Jerry's dog
Jerry's furry pal
Capri Swarm Friday
Friday at the Swarm
Team Blitz Customer Appreciation Night
Pondering the essence of the Capri
Ready to race
Steve's 1971 Capri won "Best Restored"
Mike's Road Warrior interior
Contestants for Mr. Capri Swarm 2014
Scott's slick MkII
Ashley's "Best Modified" V8
Interior of Ashley's beast
Larry's Col. Mustard. 1971 2.0
Russ' Mk II Survivor
Capri Swarm lineup
Russ' kids enjoying the architecture
Mike, Russ, and Don catch up
Jeff's trunk is a little NSFW
A sight to see
Brian's "Longest Distance"1974 (2698 miles!)
Ghia Mk II logo
Scott enjoys the afternoon breeze
Jeannie and Tracy bench racing
Don's "Frankenstein"
Tom's genuine ASC Capri 2800
Looking mean
1971 tail lamp
Ashley's 347 V8
Rand's Capri feature in Automobile Magazine
Jeff's immaculate interior
Bill Davidson's V8 won "Fastest ET" (12.6 sec)
Steve decided to change his shocks
Bill's V8 Capri in action
Battle of the Bruisers
2014 Capri Swarm
Car Show
Ford Capri V8
Rob's V8 1972 Mk1
Russ camped with his kids over the weekend
Relaxing under the big top
Steve's 1971 2.0 with factory AC
2.0 with AC
Russ and Steve
Mike's "CAT"
The Colonel's last Swarm?
Jerry's custom seats
Mike's radical Mk1
Jerry's interior
Rand's 1973 V6
Jeff's "Best Survivor"
Clear skies
Bill earns the "Swarm Swami" award
A V8 puts a smile on Bill's face
Scott makes the MkII shine
Brian does some last-minute detailing
Jeff wins "Best Survivor"
Steve wins "Best Restored"
Brian wins "Longest Distance Driven"
Bill wins the "Fastest E.T." trophy
Banquet attendees
Reaction: the banquet emcee's razor-sharp wit
Ashley's presentation on Capri meets in Europe
The youngest trophy winner
Some of Sunday's karting krew
Jacob and Jo (Vanna)
Brooke and Tony
Jeff, Jacob, Bill, Rob, and Tom
Ready for the road home

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