Ford Capri

Capri Swarm 2013 Gallery

Photos: Christina White, Karla Leybold, Rand Thompson, and David Valone
Bill's 1974 2.0
Jerry's wild Mk1
Chrome, etc.
Friday in the parking lot
In the lot
More Capris!
Mike J. explains
Team Blitz customer appreciation night
Jay and Chris get ready to face off
Rand arrives
Under the Big Top
Don's 2600 V6
Jeff's 1974 2.8 V6 automatic
Col. Mustard on the show field
Mike V's and Mike J's Mk1s
Peter's wild, vintage autocrosser
Rob's 1972 Mk1 V8
Car show
Car show
Larry, Mike V, and Dave have a chat
Afternoon chat
Tom's ASC Mk2
Andy and Rand
Jay and Mike J
Dave's 1973 V6
Jacob likes the Swarm!
Jacob's Mk1
Jay's Mk2
Jay's interior
Front side
Jeff's Ford Expo award
Jerry's Ford Expo award
Jerry's award-winner
Larry's 2.0
Detail of Peter's car's artwork
Rand's V6
Car show
Car show
Don and Mike G. examine the 2.6
Scott's Mk2
The voting has begun
Through the window
From above
Jerry and Rob
Car show
Car show
Car show
Tom's Ford Expo award
Andy's 9-second Mk1
Chris R's 5.0
Jacob's Mk1
Rich O's Mk1
Nice burnout!
Andy pulls a wheelstand
Autocross parade laps
Car show
Saturday banquet
Ford Racing Neil speaks to the Swarmers
Dave's voltage regulator goes on vacation
David V at the line
The line
Mike J. at the line
Mike J on course
Rich at the line
Steve with a fast lap
Steve and Andy
At the autocross
At the autocross
Sunday at the autocross

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