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Capri Swarm 2008

Photos: Norm Murdock, Joe Bennardo, Ruth Morgan, Rick Lammert, and David Valone

Swarm 2008 Gallery

The CCNA Capri Swarm, Fri to Sun, this past Labor Day weekend, was a blast! The 12th Running Of The Swarm brought out all kinds of cool people and their cool cars. Weather was chamber of commerce perfect, lots of club shade, food, and libations. But those cool cars, oooooofff!

  • Best Original Capri: Steve Burris, 71 2000cc
  • Best Modified Capri: Charles Green, 77 5.0L
  • Best Restored Capri: Wayne Morlock, 72 2000cc
  • Longest Drive In Capri: Joe Bennardo, 76 2300cc
  • Capri Trivia Contest: Scott McVicker
  • Turtle Award (Mechanical Malady): Jerry LaCoss, 74 3.8L
  • Swarm Swami (Service At Swarm): Joe Bennardo
  • Ford Capri Hall Of Fame 2008 Inductee: Mk1 Design Team
Autocross Times:
(Note: listed times include a 2-second penalty per cone)
  • Larry Wells, 71 2000cc: 51.3 (1 cone)
  • Rob Harber, 72 5.0L: 50.8 (1 cone)
  • David Valone, 73 5.0L: 45.4 (1 cone)
  • Joe Bennardo 76 2300cc: 53.6
  • Charles Green, 77 5.0L: 49.9
  • Norm Murdock, 93 Bronco 5.0L: 52.2
Other sample autocross times:
  • 3rd Gen Camaro V8: 53.5
  • 2008 Shelby GT500: 43.4
  • Fox Mustang 5.0L GT: 49.2
  • Focus SVT: 50.1 (1 cone)
  • Buick GN Turbo: 46.8
  • Taurus SHO: 51.3
  • Miata Comp Prepped: 42.5
  • 2008 Mustang GT: 46.2
  • Merkur XR4Ti GRM-stripped: 45.3
  • Shelby Daytona Z turbo: 43.0

CCNA collaborated with the following orgs to successfully stage the Swarm:

  • Creative Catering
  • National Mustang Racing Association
  • National Trail Raceway
  • United Ford Owners
  • Hampton Inn, Heath Ohio
  • Eastwood Automotive for T-shirts, hats, and catalogs (thanks again, JR!)

The Capri-List (Joe Bennardo) rustled up a great lunch of burgers and dogs on Saturday, Joe handling the tongs personally! Thank you, Joe, and thank you, Capri-List!

Major mahooosive thanks to David Valone (who was a rocket at the autocross, BTW) for his continued leadership of the Swarm. David's not only the webmaster for the CCNA, but he's chaired more than half the Swarms. Quite simply, we are all in your debt, David. Thanks.

General impressions and random thoughts:

"Legendary Ford" Magazine came over to the Swarm on Friday and did a photoshoot of a 44,000 mile 73 V6 owned by Hugh Grim, to appear in a forthcoming issue. Thanks once again, Colin! This will be the first foreign Ford in the magazine besides a Lotus, Cobra, or a Pantera. Majorly cool.

Charles Green's 77 5.0L, driven by master body craftsman and fabricator Keith Owen, had fuel starvation issues while trying to cut some quarter mile times on the drag strip. They looked great out there, but had to shut down at the half-way point to the traps because the carb was empty. It's a new car build, so they were still de-bugging it over the weekend. Great guys, they were game.

We passed around issues of "Classic Ford" Magazine featuring the Swarm from last year. Several of the outstanding cars in those pages were once again at the Swarm this year: Chris Rolls 73 5.0L (and got an NMRA trophy again!), Rob Harber 72 5.0L, Wayne Morlock 72 2.0L, Kenny Heck 76 V6, Rand Thompson 73 V6, Larry Wells 71 2.0L. (Note: the CCNA still has copies of the 3 issues of CF featuring the Capri Swarm and participants for those interested. $25/set of 3, mailed in the US.)

It was great to see Rick Lammert from Ontario bring out Mike Robertson's old 74 V6, still looking mint and freshly restored. And David, Roger, and Robert Manor, working hard on their 1974 resto project. Tom and Toshia Smith with their family and a stunning gold 1974 V6 made a whole week of it in central Ohio. Ruth Valone and Catherine Harber buddies one more summer. My son Matthew was a lot of help taking down the Swarm canopy Sunday, and we got his 74 V6 fired up for the first time this summer. Steve Paris popped over looking to sell his really sweet 76 V6. David Wells drove out in Old Reliable, and was a lot of fun as usual, and got some good pics I bet! Mr. and Mrs. Heck were there putting up with our antics and sharing pearls of true wisdom, thanks. Jim Brozynski gave us an update on the CCC and much good cheer and Capri history. Paul Vawter had news about his ground-up rotisserie restoration, and the same Ohio State shirt, go Bucks! Larry Joosten is about finished with his big block drag Capri, can't wait to see it. Scott McVicker, nice 289 Galaxie, dude!

The trophy and plaque winners would be the first to acknowledge that every Capri there was a winner.

And Jerry LaCoss, who we were sorry couldn't make it more than half way to the Swarm due to problems in the ignition system of his 3.8L V6 1974. Jerry worked really hard the last year getting ready to show the new modifications to the car since the CF magazine shoot. It has some wild new features. Next year, Jerry, don't dispair. You won the Turtle this year, so some solace maybe?

The Autocross was epic. Dashing David had the 2nd fastest time of the day (if you forgave him a cone), and he tied the time of the GT500. That's hauling the freight, folks! Larry was smooth and like David never got a clean run in, but was sooooo smooth. Those two should do a clinic on autocross technique. Rob was fantastic, driving injured with a torn rotator cuff, and shifting and steering one-handed. Charles took the 77 reins from Keith and drove the autocross, getting below 50 seconds while still running out of fuel. Joe improved with each run, and does great whether his 2.3L is NA or turbo (this year NA).

Thanks too to all the CCNA-ers who pitched in with setting up, picking up, assembling this, taking apart that, holding a flashlight, offering kind words of support to those who needed it, hauling something, saying thank you, patting on the back, smiling, and being "excellent to each other"!

You make this all worthwhile.

Norm Murdock
Team Blitz

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