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Capri Swarm 1998

CCNA Capri Swarm 1998

The second annual Capri Swarm was held on September 4th, 5th and 6th in conjunction with the 20th Annual Expo Ford 98 at National Trail Raceway just east of Columbus Ohio. The weather was perfect again and 8 Capris were on the seen. All the years were represented with the exception of 1970.

From left to right: Norm Murdock 1976 (Ohio), John Volber 1973 (Indiana), John Terry 1976 (Pennsylvania), Mike Robertson 1974 (Arizona), Gary Darnsteadt 1972 Turbo (California), David Wells 1974 (New Jersey) and Larry Wells 1971 (New York). This picture was taken at Dawes Arboritum as a part of the auto tour. Missing from the picture is Glen Faessier's 1977, however it can be seen in the next picture. Something extra special about Glen's Capri is that it was entered into Expo Ford 98 for judging for best stock. Glen won it for 2nd place in his class!

CCNA Capri Swarm 1998

This photo was taken on Saturday at the Swarm base site at Expo Ford. From left to right: John Terry 1976, Norm Murdock 1976 Rally Cat, Glen Faessler 1977, Mike Robertson 1974, Larry Wells 1971 and David Wells 1974.

Thursday started out with the set up for the Swarm at National Trails. Team Blitz was located close to where they were in 1997. A 20'x20' tent with open sides was added as a nice shady spot to work on car and to congregate under.

On Friday members started to arrive. John Terry and his wife arrived from Pennsylvania in the late morning. Gary Darnsteadt arrived with his Capri on a tow truck! It seems that a throttle cable on his turbo was sticking.

CCNA Capri Swarm 1998

But as you can see in this picture, the tent was open work. Club members rolled up their sleeves and got it fixed. Of course, unlike any car today, Norm and John fabricated a temporary cable the worked. Once the turbo was fixed up, Gary took it out to the track and ran 17.03 seconds @ 83 MPH!

Norm's Rally Cat also ran the quarter mile strip. He put in a time of 18 seconds. The announcer over the loud speaker said that "a Capri was entered to run..... BOY! you just don't see those cars around anymore!" Later that day John Volbers arrived with his 1973 and everyone headed off to the Sweet Corn Festival after that. CCNA Capri Swarm 1998

Saturday was the biggest day for us. Many Capri club members and enthusiasts stopped by to check it out. The Wells brothers came in with their fine examples of Mark 1 Capris, Glen Faessler and his wife arrived with their 1977, The Pomeroy family arrived in a Thunderbird. Their Capri is still undergoing restoration.

The Capri Swarm had a few events of their own. One of the events was a "Cam-a-thon" where each contestant would toss a cam shaft from a 2000 CC engine to try to hit a target. After some heavy competition, Glen Faessler nailed the target and won the event and a club T-shirt as well! CCNA Capri Swarm 1998

A technical clinic on suspension was held by Team Blitz. Norm Murdock showed some new parts that are now available and the Team Blitz "Rolling Showroom" was a popular place to visit.

Another event was the Road Rally to Dawes Arboretum for the banquet. The Rally participants left at 5-minute intervals with a list of instructions and clues as to various things to look for as they tried to motor to the arboretum using only those instructions! It was fun to do and when we all made it to Dawes, the winner of the rally was the Pomeroys! CCNA Capri Swarm 1998

The banquet was held and a picnic-style dinner was served. Everyone enjoyed the food and conversation. After dinner the awards ceremony began. Club members got to fill out a judging form over the past 2 days to determine the winners in best stock, modified and furthest distance traveled in a Capri. The winners were:

CCNA Capri Swarm 1998

The club meeting was held afterwards and ideas for the future were discussed.

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