Ford Capri

Capri Swarm 1997

CCNA Capri Swarm 1997
John Volbers' 1973 V6

This gathering marks the first event of Capri Club North America. The meet was held at National Trail Raceway on August 29th, 30th and 31st 1997. The weather was perfect and Capris were on display. There were a considerable number of Capri owners who managed to join us through out the weekend, but several had to leave their Capris at home. The prize for the Nicest Stock Capri went to John Volbers of Indiana.

John is a member of the CCNA and of the Capri Car Club Inc. in Denver Colorado. John trailered his Capri down to the event. This Capri is in original condition and looks fantastic. It has a vinyl roof and John's care has paid off, for the car is flawless.

CCNA Capri Swarm 1997

Speaking of flawless, Norm Murdock's '73 Capri was on display. This car is completely original.. right down to it's tires! With extremely low mileage, Norm has a real collector's Capri on-hand. And I must say, this Capri has the best owner it could have. Norm is extremely meticulous and is most deserving, for he is the owner of Team Blitz.. North America's main supplier of Ford Capri parts.

CCNA Capri Swarm 1997

Team Blitz had a '76 Capri there. You may note the licence plate being "Blitzen" ... :-) (I wonder what his other 6 reindeer look like?) ;-)

Then there were two heavily-modified Capris. This first one, owned by Dave Brown, won the prize for the Best Modified. It is a 73 2600 with boost. Warning! this photo may look a little scary... It is advisable to know what you are doing before you attempt this project! 73 2600 cc with Boost

CCNA Capri Swarm 1997

Then the next modified is a 1973 with a Big block Ford FE engine. Yes! this owner has a 428 in this car. He had a few modifications to the front end to make. He also cut out the wheel wells and put on 16" tires. Can you say "Super Cobra Jet"? Owner is Tom Cross.

There were plenty of Ford products available at this meet. Bracket racing was what National Trails had to offer. Many vintage Fords such as Mustangs, Falcons, Thunder Bolts, Pintos and Mavericks were making the most noise on the track.

CCNA Capri Swarm 1997
BIG block 428 in Capri

Our main action was centered around Team Blitz's display. Norm offered sessions on dashboard replacements and care, brake tips and plenty of individual advice on our Capris. We all got together on Saturday evening and cruised up the highway to an ice cream shop. It was a weekend of plenty of fun. Both the Capri Club of Chicago and Capri Car Club Inc. were well-represented.

Another interesting Capri was one made by Lincoln. One of these beauties was on site for our pleasure. Not many left!

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