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Texas CCNA Roundup 2002

Authors: Frank Richardson, Hugh T. Kelly
April, 2002

Texas CCNA Roundup 2002

We all met at Hugh's house Friday evening. The day had been unusually cool and damp earlier but had turned out to be a fine evening. Hugh welcomed everyone with some genuine Texas BBQ, with beans and beer....this eventually lead to a somewhat musical event.;-)

Dave "Lammy" brought his library of Capri memorabilia, which we all enjoyed checking out. Hugh brought out part of his extensive collection of Capri models of all sorts. Looking at his collection of pieces from all over the world, you could truly see the Capri is admired the world over. We continued to brainstorm various induction ideas and admire Hugh's newest "secret weapon" and learn a lot from one another. We watched John Wayne in "Brannigan" commandeer a Capri Mk2 and race it through London as well as a couple of other short flicks with a Capri. We ended with the original "Gone In 60 Seconds". I think we finally got to sleep about 1am.

Texas CCNA Roundup 2002

Next morning we headed from Hugh's place toward the swap meet. The area where Hugh lives is out in the country and is quite scenic. The highway we took to the interstate made for an enjoyable ride with lots of opportunities to stir the gears through some twisty turns. Once on the interstate headed north toward Fort Worth, we seemed to attract some attention by the curious as well as a "thumbs up" from a Camaro driver passing the other way. After a brief stop for gas and grub, we made it to the Pate Swap Meet held at the Texas Motor Speedway.

We spent the rest of the day haggling for bargains, searching for elusive parts and manuals and admiring cars from the unusual to the exquisite. I lucked out and found an entire NOS camber kit for a Capri. The folks that ran the booth continued to look through their parts catalogs and located several Capri suspension parts they didn't know they had until we asked.

Overall, I think everyone had a great time. We plan to announce things much earlier for next year and add some events. We believe the attendance will increase greatly if we can get the word out sooner.

Capris in attendance were:

The CCNA trophy winners of the weekend were:

Texas CCNA Roundup 2002 Texas CCNA Roundup 2002 Texas CCNA Roundup 2002

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