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Fabulous Fords Forever at Knott's Berry Farm 2002

Fords Knotts Berry Farm 2002
Allen Chase's Capri

Author:Ed Rossier

Fourteen Capris were at Knott's Berry Ford Show. Wow, that is more than the ten we were looking for and more than the Merkurs. Last year we had five Capris and we wanted to double that. But fourteen?! There were Capris from as far away as Phoenix, Arizona, San Jose, and north of Fresno.

It started Saturday night before the show. Five Capris were at my house for a get together and to help Norm Murdock load a Cosworth 4 cyl. non-turbo motor into his truck. That Cosworth really looked great. I couldn't believe looking out my front window and seeing five Capris.

Sunday started early at Denny's near Knotts. It was clear but not hot like it had been at previous events. Some had breakfast and some came just because that was our gathering area. About 9:30 we all got in a single line and drove the short distance to Knotts. I wish I had thought of having someone video us driving in. There were about ten of us driving in together. Some were already there and a couple came in just before the deadline of 10 o'clock. We really had a great variety of Capris. One black '73 with a V8 that sounded awesome. There was a rare Le Cat (Black), Rocco had his Mk I Racer that looked real mean and there was even a Dobi Mk II.

Norm had contributed three really nice trophies for best Mk I, best Mk II, and furthest distance driven. I won the Mk I and the Dobi Mk II, owned by Eddy Medina, won the MK II. I think Mike Robertson from Phoenix won the longest distance driven trophy. Then we had a drawing for more "stuff" that Norm bought.

There is going to be a meeting of the group that sets up the show. Chris Roseneau and myself will go. We are going to get the "European Fords - Anglias, Cortinas, Capris, and Merkurs" as there own class. It will make it easier for everyone to sign up.

All and all it turned out just great. Our only problem is how to get 28 Capris next year. We have to keep doubling our previous year's turn-out. Yeah, right!?

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