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CCNA Canadian Maple Leaf Tour 2002

Author: Bev Connell
Photos: David Reid
June, 2002

Maple Leaf Capris 2002
Capris in Canada

The only Canadian Capri Club of North America meet was held in Oshawa on May 25, 2002. 14 Capri enthusiasts gathered at The Canadian Automotive Museum in downtown Oshawa. The museum housed some very old vehicles like the 1898 Fisher Electric, various Ford products and even artifacts like gas pumps, bicycles and other memorabilia of the early 1900s. However I must admit... the 5 Sexy European Fords sitting in the parking lot were the focus of the gathering. We had 5 very interesting and well-kept Capris in attendance. Several of these were just pulled out of hibernation not less then 24 hours prior to the meet after a long winter storage.

The following were in attendance: Jeff Lantz and his son Ian arrived with one of his several Capris arrived from London, Ontario. He had the oldest Capri, which was a 1971. Carl Hathaway from Toronto showed off his 1973 model. Dave and Sue Reid from Toronto also had a Mark 1 Capri which was just taken out of storage a few days before this meet. His Capri is the only I have seen with the side mirrors on the front fenders (as they were sold in England). Dave Bryan and his son Nick arrived in a perfectly stock Black Cat. It is one of his five Capris and a beauty it is. Dave is local to Oshawa and led us to a huge gorgeous park on the waterfront for our tail gate lunch. The final Capri of the lot roared in to the lot with Dan Vance at the wheel. Dan and son Nick own this 1977 Ghia Capri which is armed with a turbo under the hood. It's 300 horse-powered engine is something every Capri enthusiast should see. Others in attendance were Rob Harber, whose 1972 Capri is undergoing a V-8 transplant and the Connells (Bev hosted the gathering) whose Capri is still in restoration.

Jeff Lantz

After the tour through the museum, we all drove down to a huge park on the water front. We all parked together and had a picnic lunch. The weather was sunny, however, a bit cool for the time of year. During lunch we chatted about Capris, part sources, how to install various parts and shared photos and magazines articles on Capris.

Bev hosts a directory of Canadian Capri owners and if you or know someone who should be on her list for future gatherings and resources, please let her know.

Maple Leaf Capris 2002 Maple Leaf Capris 2002 Dan Vance
Maple Leaf Capris 2002

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