Ford Capri

David Valone

Year/Engine - 1973 / 4900 V8

Blue Capri at Road Atlanta
"Blue" at Road Atlanta

"Blue" is my 1973 Capri. She had a later 2.8, which I had substantially modified for better power. When the "hot" V6 broke, I found that it wouldn't be that much more expensive to swap in a 302 that in would have cost to rebuild the "Cologne" V6 engine. I used AFR aluminum heads on the V8 and I moved the battery to the trunk, so the weight over the front wheels is pretty close to what it was with the V6. The suspension sports Team Blitz front and rear springs, Team Blitz front and rear sway bars, KYB shocks and Koni struts, and adjustable strut tops. Blue runs MSD electronic ignition.

"Blue" was a featured car in the August 2000 issue of Grassroots Motorsports magazine. Blue attracts attention wherever we go.

David Valone
Bristol, TN

Blue Capri Blue Capri at autocross
V8 Capri autocross Capri V8 oversteer
1973 Mercury Capri 302 V8 1973 Ford Capri V8

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