Ford Capri

Kate Concannon

1971/2000 4-speed
1974/2800 V6 automatic

Kate's 1971 Capri - passenger side As a teenager, I had two 1974 Capri's. In 1975 at age 17, I bought my first Capri for about $ 2,200.00. It was a used 1974 yellow rental car from Hertz. It had a 4 cylinder, automatic, black interior w30k miles. Not too long after I purchased my first Capri, an attorney pulled out in front of me, and I broad sided him ! I had the right of way, so his insurance was responsible for the damages, but sadly, that was the end of my first Capri.

The second Capri I bought was in 1976. The replacement Capri was also purchased used from Condit Motors in Newton, NJ. This Capri was like brand new ! It was a beautiful 1974 Orange Red Capri, 4 cylinder manual, black interior, sunroof, with 24k miles on it. I think I paid about $ 2,600 for it. Sadly, I wrecked this car all by myself ! Do you see a pattern yet ?

Flash forward 37 seven years, I'm a much better driver now, so in June 2013, I finally bought another Capri ! It's an original 1971 Capri MkI from California. It's dark green wsaddle interior,4 cylinder manual transmission w48k miles on it ( probably 148k ) It's a flashy little car, and gets a lot of thumbs up when driving it around town. It needs some mechanical work, dash skins, some upholstery and body work, but overall, it's a solid car for its age.

Bitten by the Capri bug, I saw another 1974 for sale nearby my home, and couldn't resist. The seller was a fascinating man, and collector of old cars, and other interesting antiques. What can I say, I've always liked Capri's, and still do, plus they are becoming harder to find. The latest 1974 Capri is green, wFord Cologne V-6 with Ford C4 automatic transmission w30k original miles on it. This 74' has documentation that it was in the same family in NY for 39 years. The saddle interior is in excellent shape, sunroof operational, original AM radio, and it has minimal rust. I just finished having the engine over hauled, and drove it for the first time the other day. It ran like a top, and shifted smoothly, although it was a bit loud without a muffler ! With a fresh coat of paint, this car will be a very nice original Capri to enjoy and take to some CCNA events.

Kate's 1974 Capri

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