Ford Capri

Ira Schoen

Year/Engine - 1973/2000

Ira's Capri - hood up Ira Schoen's 1973 Capri 2000 is a survivor. It is one of perhaps a few dozen Capri's left in the U.S. that is in mint, unrestored, and original condition. Ira is the second owner of this stunning example with less than 30,000 miles and he retains the dealer's 1973 bill of sale, Capri Owner's Manual, and other period documents. He affectionately calls this Capri "Brown Sugar" (after the Rolling Stones' classic song).

This rust-free example has all original body panels and paint, complete, like-new interior (including carpeting and AM radio), stock engine, black vinyl roof, chrome etc., with numerous subtle details to update its performance and appearance while keeping true to the original design. The exhaust looks original (the headpipe is!), but has a less restrictive mid-section, exiting out of a Ford Capri OEM marked chrome-tip muffler. The front end has been lowered to provide a nearly level profile in keeping with its sporty intentions. KYB sport gas shocks are on all four corners, as are Dunlop 185/70 X 13 tires with chrome trim rings. (The original Dunlop spare is in the trunk!) The stock, two spoke steering wheel has been replaced with a period-correct three-spoke, leather-wrapped Momo steering wheel. The protruding front chrome federal-spec bumper has been subtlety retracted to better match the rear and improves the handling and appearance. The 2000 engine has been tweaked and tuned to perfection, retains the original ignition system, and has chrome, polished aluminum, and flat-black crinkle paint highlights to delight the eye.

This show-stopper Capri is a blast to drive and see. If you want to look back to the past but drive in the present, this Capri is the one!

Ira's Capri Ira's Capri - rear view Ira's Capri

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