Ford Capri

John Ertz

Year/Engine - 1972/2600

Alien Capri

My Capri is a 1972 2600 V6 model that I purchased in Winnipeg in December 2000, and after spending most of an evening in the ditch outside of Fargo, ND due to sudden freezing rain with the car on the trailer, I parked it in my garage for the rest of the winter, and now only drive it on clear days here in Minnesota.

The prior owner painted it this "unique" color which I refer to as "Alien Green" as it matches those little alien dolls almost perfectly. The car is supposed to be Sunset Red but I doubt that I will repaint it to that color. The interior is almost like new, only a couple of small cracks in the passenger seat and a broken passenger side dome lamp make it less than new condition.

This coming winter I plan on rebuilding the engine, maybe upgrading the power on it if I can find some go fast parts still around for it.

John T. Ertz
Shakopee, MN

Alien Capri Alien Capri
Alien Capri Alien Capri

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