Ford Capri

Ed Rossier

Year/Engine - 1973 / 2600 V6

Ed Rossier's Capri

The year of 1973 was a very sad and good time in my life. In February, I lost my twin brother. It's kinda like losing part of yourself. In July, I finally bought my Capri. Boy, I wish my brother could have seen it. Then, finally in November, over the Thanksgiving weekend I took this really neat person out on a date and seven months later she became my wife and co-owner of the Capri. I don't think she looks at it quite like that.

When I got married in June 1974 the Capri became our luxury transportation car. Our other car was a Pinto Wagon. Real Ford people, huh?

Through the years I have changed the car a little bit at a time. I first changed those darn door armrests. I changed to 1974 type and changed drivers outside rearview mirror to the remote control mirror of the 1974 Capri. Next thing was to get rid of the standard point's ignition and install a Mark Ten CD Ignition, which made the plugs and points last much longer. Now, I have a Crane Cam Electronic Ignition.

Ed Rossier's Capri One bad thing I did when I bought my Capri originally was to just get the standard AM radio. Who would have thought that AM would go to the more talk, more boring format. I think it was Christmas of '93 or '94 that I got a neat Christmas present from my son and daughter. It was an AM-FM cassette stereo radio. I didn't want to loose my original AM radio. The new one came with a remote. I mounted the radio under the passenger side seat and put a reflector way up in the passenger foot well. It's an infra-red type remote and reflects to the radio which changes station, volume and tracks on cassettes. Boy, isn't science great!

I had been looking for new wheels for my car. My son and I were on one of our usual outings, going to "In & Out" Burger to eat, and then to Barnes and Noble to look over the car magazines. He was looking at Classic and Sportcars, Ed Rossier's Capri which had quite a good story on the Mini-Coopers, one of his favorite cars. They also had a story on Minilite Wheels in England. There was an address and I got information then ordered four new wheels. They looked great! Same as the early RS2600s.

In February 1998 my wife and I were driving back from a wedding party and all of the sudden the engine started making weird sounds and slowed down. I was able to get it home and the next day my neighbor came over and looked at it. He said it was terminal. 222,000 miles was enough. I gave it to my neighbor to rebuild it at his shop. He had been bugging me to rebuild it for several years. We replaced the stock exhaust with 2600 Headers that I got from Norm. I also had the engine balanced. Ed Rossier's Capri

I decided to paint my car myself. My son was taking classes at a community college in Automotive Restoration. The instructors are very particular about the bodywork being straight. I ended up primering the car three times and "block sanding" it each time to make sure it was straight. Quite a tedious process. The Instructor did the masking of the hood for the "1973" stripe. It didn't hurt that he also teaches a class in pinstriping. The Assistant Instructor did the final painting. The paint I used was DuPont "Basecoat and Clearcoat". We painted the entire car the original copper, then waited a couple of days and painted the black and put the clearcoat on. A month after painting it I "color sanded" and buffed out the paint. Now it is like a mirror. It was a long process in doing this. I started in June 2000 and it was painted in December 2000. We finished the buffing job in January 2001. Was it worth it? Boy it sure was! Ed Rossier's Capri

Recently, had my car in a commercial for a British product. The guys that were overseeing the filming of the commercial said they had seen a lot of Capris in England but didn't really appreciate them till it was used in the commercial.

Now, I look back and see how fast time goes. When I bought my Capri I was single. Now, I am married, have two really great kids, one, which is married and 25 years old, and my son that is 23 years old and I'm looking forward to retiring in a few years.

So you're up to date on Me and My Capri.

Ed Rossier

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