Ford Capri

Jim & Bev Connell

Year/Engine - 1972/2800 V6

Connell Capri

We bought this car in Toronto Ontario back in 1991. The car originated in New Mexico. The owner ran a body shop. For promotion he painted this car (without primer) with Mercedes paint. It stood the test of time, however when it arrived in Canada, the winter started to take a toll on it. When we bought it, the body was still in very good shape. The interior was great however the back of the rear seat was some what sun baked. It had a couple of little dings - the type you would see from being parked in a parking lot. One drawback was the front structure was cut into to install an afermarket air conditioner. This was something to fix properly.

At the time we lived in Thunder Bay Ontario. The intial restoration was just to clean up the dings and repair the front. At the time it was also practical to paint it, so we figured that we would do that right. So we stripped down the car entirely. But then a big change in plan occured. Jim got a job promotion and this required us to move to St.Catharines Ontario. So, a stripped car and a move to happen! Not all is lost for everything was marked and parts were put in boxes for safe keeping while we stripped it down. Another bonus was the car was then loaded on to the moving truck. Which was useful when you have 3 other cars and a boat to move too.

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