Ford Capri

Luke Burritt

Year/Engine - 1974 / 2600 V6

Luke Burrit Capri

Hi. I'm Luke Burritt (age 16) from Enfield, NH. My dad and I rebuilt a 1974 Capri V6. We started with a 74 four cylinder, took a 2600 out of a 72 and put it in the 74. So I guess I have a 1974 2600.

I knew nothing about cars or Capris when I started but I learned a lot along the way. If I had known at the beginning how much work was involved in restoring a car, I may not have tackled it. but once I started, there was no turning back. Now I have a pretty cool car to show for it. It turns heads wherever I go. Hardly anyone knows what it is except for people who had one themselves. they're all people my father's age!!!

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