Ford Capri

Andrew Cardinale Jr.

Year/Engine - 1977 / 2800 V6

Cardinale Capri

My aunt bought the car new in 77 in NJ. It's a 2.8l Ghia orig. silver w/sunroof and and m/t p/s,pb,a/c, stereo. My father drove it in 83 and 84. He gave it to me in 84 when I was 16. I did the bodywork and had it painted in time to take my drivers test in it. I drove to my highschool graduation and my college graduation in it. I got a few traffic tickets in my car. I took my wife on our first date in 1991 in my Capri before storing it in SC in 1992. She has been in storage since then but I start her regulary.

The car probably has 400K on it but no one will ever know for sure because the speedo cable was broken for quite a while before I got it. I repaired the thing a lot and learned most of what I know about cars on my Capri. I rebuilt the engine in 1990 and it has about 30k on it since. This is my first car and will be sold upon my death or admission to Bellevue.

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