Ford Capri


CCNA      Capri Club North America (CCNA) is a professionally operated car club dedicated to the 1969-1987 Ford Capri, which was sold around much of the world. The Capri was imported to the United States from Germany and England, and was sold in Mercury dealerships throughout the country. CCNA was founded in 1995 in anticipation of the 30th Anniversary of the birth of the Capri, which was celebrated in 1998. Enthusiasts throughout North America have joined the club and participated in its many events since that time.

The club is a clearinghouse for Capri owners in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, and elsewhere. CCNA maintains this web site, which informs the public of club events, reports on past events, posts articles of interest to Capri owners, offers space to club members to showcase their Capri photos and stories, provides special parts deals, and hosts the annual Capri Swarm, which is held each year in Columbus, Ohio. The 2018 Capri Swarm will be held over the weekend of June 8-10. A report of the 2017 event can be found here. Reports and photos of previous Swarms can be found under the "Meet Reports" menu. Be sure to check out the CCNA info page on Facebook! CCNA Car Show Classification Guidelines are available online.

   CCNA membership application in PDF format.

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