Ford Capri

Capri Swarm 2004

The 2004 Capri Swarm was a great success, with 14 European Capris in attendance and many additional Capri owners along for the fun. There was the Friday night Team Blitz Customer Appriciation dinner, a great car show, tech session with machinist extraorinaire Dave Williams, fun rally, banquet, Sunday autocross and lots of hanging out with friends, old and new.

sw04_bev_wells_small.jpg sw04_bev03_small.jpg sw04_bev15_small.jpg sw04_bev16_small.jpg
sw04_bev17_small.jpg sw04_bev18_small.jpg sw04_bev20_small.jpg sw04_bev21_small.jpg
sw04_bev22_small.jpg sw04_bev23_small.jpg sw04_bev24_small.jpg sw04_bev25_small.jpg
sw04_bev39_small.jpg sw04_bev_dwells_small.jpg sw04_bev_harber_small.jpg sw04_bev_kerry_small.jpg
sw04_bev_kmiec_small.jpg sw04_bev_mcewen_small.jpg sw04_bev_rahamut_small.jpg v1462_small.jpg
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