Ford Capri

Federal-Spec RS2600

1972 RS2600 built for Edsel B. Ford II

Edsel Ford's Capri

This RS is truly one of one ever produced. It is the only RS2600 to ever be officially imported by the Ford Motor Company. It is the only two-tone Capri ever to be imported by Ford. It is a blend of DOT/EPA- compliant features and RS euro specifications, then tuned by ASC and the Ford Executive Garage to Mr. Ford's personal specifications. The engine was ordered to be EPA compliant, so came in carbureted rather than fuel injected. However, it came with RS2600 headers and exhaust Edsel Ford's Capri system, long throw crank, and then the Executive Garage Shop added big valves and RS camshaft. Thus the HP bump from a standard 2600GT, and results in the same HP as an injected RS.

Edsel's father, HFII, insisted his son not be able to obtain anything through the Ford order system which was not EPA compliant. This was why the engine was modified post-importation, and almost certainly without Edsel Ford's Capri HFII's knowledge! Edsel drove the car during the last years of college out east,including to such venues as Lime Rock. The console still carries the metal rally plate from Lime Rock that Edsel installed himself. He drove the RS to Lime Rock with Ken Tyrrell of F1 fame as a passenger, per comments from Ford SVT.

The distinctive all-metal flares are the handiwork of Mr. Heinz Edsel Ford's Capri Prechter and ASC, who first worked with Ford on the 1967 XR7 sunroof conversions. He was a friend of the Ford family and a German national, very familiar with the Capri and the RS Program in Germany. Thus his flares are a tribute to the 1971-1972 werkes competition cars. In fact, Edsel was inspired to ask for this RS2600 because of seeing successful werkes Capris in competition during the 1971 racing season. He wanted a Edsel Ford's Capri street version for himself.

After Edsel's graduation from college and assignment to a post with Ford Australia, he traded the RS2600 in to the Executive lot, where the car was in turn auctioned to a local LM dealer in Dearborn for sale to the public. John Prosyniuk saw the Capri on a platter in the dealer showroom and bought it instead of a new car in 1975. He cared for the Edsel Ford's Capri car for the next 25 years, making some minor accessory changes to the headlamps, aircleaner, and stereo. The car remained essentially original all during John's period of ownership, with typical wear and tear from use and age. He was careful in his storage procedures, especially over the Michigan winters. John also corresponded with Edsel about the RS during his years of ownership.

Edsel Ford's Capri

John sold the RS to Glenn Miller, senior SVT engineer at Ford, in 2000. Edsel worked with Glenn on the 2001 project to reproduce the 1901 Sweepstakes Special, Ford's first racing vehicle. Glenn was able to reaquaint Edsel with his old RS2600 during this time, and learned much information from Edsel and Heinz Prechter during this time.

Team Blitz picked up the ball in 2002 and has worked to completely Edsel Ford's Capri restore the RS2600 to concours as delivered to Edsel B. Ford II in February 1972. The job was finished just in time on June 12, and displayed for the Centennial Celebration at Ford World Headquarters from Friday morning June 13 through Monday evening June 16, 2003.

It created quite a stir with old hands inside the "Glass House", as HQ is called, who recalled the car exactly as it appeared. On June 16, Edsel Ford's Capri 2003, the exact day of the 100th Year Anniversary, the RS2600 was the only Capri on display at the Celebration. At the appointed minute and hour, the RS2600 was parked directly across the main entryway of World HQ, and the ensuing stream of stockholders and Ford officers filed past the car going in and out of the Centennial Meeting. Much ooing and ahhing was to be had! The only car so honored for this position at the Edsel Ford's Capri Monday June 16 show was the RS2600. The other 24 "Heart & Soul" vehicles having been moved from the main entry ramp, left the Edsel RS2600 alone to represent 100 years of Ford automotive passion.

Special thanks go to Mr. Edsel B. Ford II for his help during the restoration. Also, Roxanne Ivey (Ford), Glenn Miller (SVT), John Prosyniuk (past owner), ASC staff, SVT staff, Larry Wells, the Team Edsel Ford's Capri Blitz restoration team at home, KCeps Automotive, and Mike Robertson for help at the Centennial.

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