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2012 Ford Capri Hall of Fame Award: Basil Green

Basil Green and driver Bob Olthoff Basil Green (South Africa), was the Proprietor of Basil Green Motors Pty. Ltd. and its performance brand, Perana Cars. There were a number of Perana Fords: Escorts, Cortinas, Grenadas, and Sapphires (Sierras), that were modifed and sold by Green's company, but Perana was perhaps best known for their "tuner" version of the Ford Capri.

There were two Perana versions of the Capri. The first, sold from 1969-70 was was 3.0 Essex V6, which actually beat the official Ford Capri V6 to market. The second, far more famous version, was a 302 Windsor V8, produced from 1970-1972, producing 240 horsepower.This car was an outstanding performer in its day, with a 14-second quarter-mile ET and a top speed of over 140 mph. Mr. Green sold somewhere between 500 and 550 Perana Capris. Perana Capri advertisement

Several Perana Capris were successfully raced in their day in national and regional events. The Capri Perana was one of the first V8 conversions to the Capri, along with Allard, Uren, and a SAE university program in Michigan. But Mr. Green certainly did the most with his innovative marketing and promotional program, and much-deserved success followed for his dealership and tuner shop. The Perana Capri was substantially re-engineered from the Ford product in steering, suspension, drive train, and axle, not to mention interior and exterior appointments. The Perana Capri remains wildly popular and a crowd favorite, so much so, that V8 Capri bracketry and fittings are available from Capri specialists even today!

Mr. Green wasn't the first to put the small-block Ford V8 into a Capri, but he produced the most, and had the most iconic design package, including exciting graphics and options. The Perana is one of the most desirable Capris, easily ranking with the RS2600, RS3100, Tickford Turbo, and 280.


Ford Perana Capri

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