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2007 Ford Capri Hall of Fame Award: Jeremy Walton

competition history book Jeremy Walton has long been known for his automotive journalism. His two Capri-specific books, "Capri: The Development & Competition History of Ford's European GT Car" and "The Sporting Fords Vol 3: Capris" were probably the first to record the history of the Capri in Europe. They are still among the best overall Capri histories yet published. These books helped to maintain public interest in the Capri through the 1980s. Mr. Walton also wrote numerous magazine articles about Capris.

Jeremy Walton's enthusiasm for Capris went beyond his words. He used Capris of various varieties as daily transportation from 1969 well into the '80s. Many of these cars were provided by his employers, but he also purchased at least two of his own. Mr. Walton worked at Ford AVO in the pressroom for 2+ years, 1972-1975.

Walton was press officer for Ford Competitions from 1972 to 1975. This provided his opportunity to race a Group 1 Capri 3000 in the 1973 24 hours of Spa-Francorchamps. The car was equipped with modified road tires instead of proper race tires, but despite this handicap he and fellow driver Nigel Clarkson finished 13th overall and 10th in Group 1. Walton in the Lotus BRM

Mr. Walton was his usual gracious self when notified of his induction into the Capri Hall of Fame, which took place during the Swarm banquet in September, 2007. He prepared some acceptance comments which were read aloud during the presentation. Mr. Walton had a new book on the Audi Quattro which was being released that week, and he was unable to join the Swarm in person. Mr. Walton's acceptance letter follows:

I am genuinely sorry I cannot be with you on the occasion of my induction into the Ford Capri Hall of Fame. But I understand you have let some Brits into the ceremony and I expect they'll drink you dry and collect any freeebies going!

That Team Blitz keep the faith in the most practical parts way today, tells us all about the enduring appeal of Capri's lower cost route to street and track performance.

trophy That YouTube still carries some of the Ford TV advertisements we did in Europe more than 20 years ago--I did the driving and had the occasional creative thought for Campaigns like, Goes Like Lightening [2.8 injection]--also shows us that generations brought up on affordable Japanese speed or high tech German automobiles still appreciate the rugged simplicity of Capri.

Altogether I wrote three editions of the Haynes Capri book (Capri; The development & Competition History of Ford's European GT Car), a 2-edition title for Motor Racing Publications [Collector's Guide series] and raced more than 6 examples, including completing Spa 24 hours in 1973 Belgium.

I'd like to say thanks to the Capri for its stellar role in my life-- and to you all for honoring me. It is appreciated.

Jeremy Walton
United Kingdom
August 28, 2007

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