Ford Capri

Ford Capri Hall of Fame

Ford Capri Hall of Fame Award The Ford Capri Hall of Fame is supported and organized by the Capri Club North America. This institution exists to recognize those individuals and entities which have been instrumental in the history of the Ford Capri, which was manufactured in Europe from 1968 to 1986. A Board of Selection meets to nominate and discuss candidates for induction into the Hall using critera set by the Board. The public is welcome to contact CCNA and to make recommendations.

2015 (TBA)

2014 Award: Jochen Mass (Motorsports)

2013 Award: Peter Ashcroft (Motorsports)

2012 FCHOF Award: Basil Green (Manufacturer)

2011 FCHOF Award: Zakspeed Racing (Motorsports)

2010 FCHOF Award: Phil Clark (Styling)

2009 FCHOF Award: Ford Advertising Agencies (Marketing)

2008 FCHOF Award: Ford Motor Company (Design)

2007 FCHOF Award: Jeremy Walton (Journalism)

2006 FCHOF Award: Michael Kranefuss (Motorsports)

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