Ford Capri

CCNA Car Show Classification Guidelines

Please note: These rules are for classification purposes only. It is up to the voters to pick the cars most deserving of the awards. For example, although repaints are allowed in the Survivor Class, some voters may value a Capri with original paint over one with fresh lacquer. Please take the opportunity to brag on your car's merits on the windshield identifcation form. The CCNA Event Chair may make whatever class adjustments and interpretations are necessary for fair and equitable competition above and beyond these specific guidelines. Now, on to the Guidelines.

Daily Driver Class

Capris used in routine, day-to-day travel. The owner asserts that the car is regularly driven. The Capri may be modified in any way the owner chooses. Emphasis is placed on normal use rather than quality of appearance. Strong consideration is given to cars driven to the CCNA event, with evidence of regular use. Patina and road wear are expected.

Survivor Class

A Survivor may have up to 3 total Major Stock Refurbishments and Major Custom Changes. More than 3 total Major Stock Refurbishments or Major Custom Changes puts a car into the Restored Class or Modified Class. Minor custom changes like aftermarket valve covers or a shifter knob are allowed (see list of examples). Engine swaps to a non-OE engine size, type, or forced induction are not allowed in Survivor Class. Owners are encouraged to list "original" features of their Capris on the windshield entry forms.

Best Restored Class

Capris with MORE than 3 Major Stock Refurbishments, or MORE than 3 total Major Stock Refurbishments and Major Custom Changes combined, but NOT MORE than 3 Major Custom Changes.

Best Modified Class

Capris with MORE than 3 Major Custom Changes (Non-Stock OE). Engine swaps or forced induction cars are Modifed Class, even if that is the only change from Stock OE.

Major Changes:

(OE = Original Equipment, as-delivered to the first purchaser of the specific Capri entered in show.)

Minor Changes:

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